hose, wires, pipe, tube etc. from hostile high-temp...

silicone rubber self-fusing Tape

Silicone Rubber Self-fusing Tape
Silicone rubber self-fusing tape, pipe repair tape...


fabricate mesilaneous shapes of covers etc...

end wrap tape

End Wrap Tape(Silicone Tape)
A pure silicone tape, designed to seal the ends...

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Isermal firesleeve protect industrial hose cable wire competitive price

Isermal firesleeve, Reliable Hi-temp Solutions!
Isermal Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of high-temp protection products. We have a manufacturing workshop of 9000sqm and 50 workers. We are manufacturing and operating in strict accordance with ISO9001. We started with a typical high-temp protection product "FIRESLEEVE", after Isermal consistent efforts through the years, Isermal products are serving customers from UK, Turkey, East Europe, South America and Australia. Isermal products have been certificated by RoHS, CEMT etc.

With Isermal experienced R&D team members, we are launching more silicone coated and other coated products to cater the market. read more

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isermal co,.ltd

isermal co,.ltd

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실리콘 고무 테이프 스스로 끊다
우리는 공급 고무 테이프 (구호 자기 녹음 테이프), 전기
보온 파이프 누설 수리하다.두께 향해 세 곳.isermal.
2016-04-25 - photography - read more

Firesleeve with velcro in extremely big inner diameter
We produce well firesleeve with velcro in extremely big
inner diameter which is up to 300mm(12") with roll
length of 30 meters...
2016-04-15 - photography - read more

Silicone Rubber Self-fusing Tape Successfully Produced in 3mm Thickness
Dear Customers, We’re keeping our words to be
innovative.This August, we have successfully produced
silicone rubber self-fusing tape of thickness 3.0mm.
This is a breakthrough...
2013-09-28 - photography - read more

Silicone Self-fusing Tape Launched with Commercial Package, Retail Package
Dear Customers, We're going to launch a commercial
package for our silicone rubber self-fusing tape(also
known as rescue tape, silicone repair tape, silicone sealing tape).
2013-05-07 - photography - read more

2013-01-11 - photography - read more

силиконовая резина само слияние ленты
Мы поставляем силиконовой резины само слияние ленты,
для электрической изоляции, трубы утечка ремонт.
2013-01-11 - photography - read more

Firesleeve Newsletter Available for Reference
From this July to November, we had issued 10 chapters
of Newsletters. In the newsletters, we had explained
what the firesleeve is and we had shared with readers
about the marketing information about firesleeve...
2012-12-27 - photography - read more